Friday, February 17, 2012


So I spent a good deal of Thursday trying to get past my writers block. Eventually we went to Wordle. Had a lot of fun there playing around with WoodArt Studio. When I finally decided what I wanted who would have thought that it would take another couple of hours trying to figure out how to get it saved and posted to this blog. I'm exhausted so here it is. Can you figure out that it is so many of the items that have emerged from the studio?

Until next we meet...Wordle Wood

Friday, February 10, 2012

Never too Late

For those who love and long to be loved it is never late. In fact it is never too late for anything in life. New hobby, more education, friendship, love, life. Hope for it all. With the pretty nice and yet unusual weather we have been having it gives us hope to spring forward with so many new / old activities.

The studio has been giving birth to some awesome pieces of late. If you have been following us on facebook or on our Etsy site you will have seen some of what has taken place of recent. We have a total of 45 pieces listed in our Etsy store and that will still be growing. I would never have believed that we would have pieces being offered America wide. (No we are not yet worldwide). Just about everything that gets on our Etsy shelves ends up on facebook also but we do realize that not all of you get to travel to all these places. After all I will admit who has all that much time on their hands.
Some of the new studio pieces are of past inspired shapes while others are new to the table. Hope that you like them all or maybe you might favor one over another for some reason. We want to hear back from you so drop us an email or comment please.

Since I am literally a day ahead of my blog schedule I am going to work on the Studio Gallery so don't forget to stop over there and visit. No it's not too late for a Valentine's Day (Feb 14th) or a Friend's Day (Feb 11th) gift. See us at the market on Saturday, at OASIS Art Gallery, C'Ville Arts, Etsy or just plain email us. I know that we have the right wood lover gift for you.

Until next we meet...     

Friday, February 3, 2012

Just the Numbers

Why do so many of us play the numbers game. You know, like wanting to find out how many? I think it is just our innate curiosity. And so for those who just want to read an idle numbers blog here you go. Oh yes most of them are about us.

The WoodArt Studio facebook fans: 122 / Would like to see 200 by the end of February and it is a leap year my friend.

The WoodArt Studio at Etsy: We are in 12 circles which makes us happy but of course to be in more would be fine. If you haven't checked us out on Etsy yet today could be a good day. We now have a total of 43 pieces in our little shop there with more to come.
OASIS Art & Craft Gallery: We have approximately 25 pieces on display here of which some is our wooden kitchen utensils. Always a good Valentine's Day gift when you add a ribbon and a love recipe.

C'Ville Arts of Charlottesville: There are about 35 pieces here all varied from bowls to ornaments along with some noggins in between.

Harrisonburg Farmers Market: We hope to attend at least 88 markets this year with the most variety of what emerges out of the studio. Tomorrow we will have over 75 pieces with us so there will certainly be something special there for your Valentine. Read more about Steve and the market at "Meet the Vendor" We will be showing 3 new pieces tomorrow so stop by and see us at spot #16.

Other silly numbers: We have 11 days till Valentine's Day, 45 days till Spring, 64 days till Easter and 137 days till Summer...but who's counting.

Until next we meet...