Friday, May 25, 2012

Birds of a Feather

Aristotle has said that people with similar likes will be usually attracted to each other. True, or at least we hoped so when Steve designed and created these comparable birdhouses. Both were hand turned from hunks of local Mt. Solon Cherry found here on the property. Is that what the new generation identifies as recycle? If so then let it be known as that. But then isn't everything that artist Steve handcrafts recycled. After all wasn't it a tree first. Ok so I have gone off the story line here.

#586 Cherry Birdhouse
The smaller of the two (eco color green roof) made it's debut about two weeks ago. Knowing that the minute I place  a new birdhouse at the market it sells I requested Steve to create another right away. Well he listened when I asked and I received sooner rather than later. Oh how I was so surprised to see this next one, slightly larger (rose red roof) but yet so akin to the first one. I christened them the mother and mother in law set. Why is it never father in law? Either way you name them they are simple for our feathered friends. Use inside or out (note there is no removable cleaning hole on the bottom of these). They are each signed and dated on the bottom. Place them in a kitchen or spare bedroom for that warm fuzzy feeling you will receive every time your eyes will gaze up at them. Sold as singles or with 10% off if you purchase the pair.
#596 Cherry Birdhouse

Until next time…take the right branch

Friday, May 18, 2012

Crumhorn Building

Derived from the German Krumhorn  meaning bent horn it is a Renaissance woodwind instrument played with a double reed. Now what does that have to do with us is a very good question. If you recall in a previous blog post I spoke a bit about Steve being a musical instrument technician prior to becoming a full-fledged woodturner / woodcarver. He graduated from Five Towns College which at the time was one of the few musical instrument repair colleges in NY. Steve worked for a couple of well known music shops on Long Island and even owning his own store at one point. When moving to VA the plan was to leave most of that life in the back room so to speak. Of course that was until we met Karen and Mel Lee. Karen is an artist friend of ours from OASIS Fine Art & Craft Gallery and together with her husband Mel they formed the group Nonesuch with a couple of other musicians.

Mel and Karen were over to the studio one day as we had often chatted about all of the instruments that we brought from NY to VA. One of the talks led to building a Crumhorn. Steve said yes and Mel ordered the kit from England. Many weeks later, after much sanding, carefully cutting tone holes at the right angles and staining and polishing it was finished. Now the rest was up to Mel. Learn and have some fun with this new old world instrument.

We think that he and the group are having some enjoyable times coaxing smooth notes from it. I hear that they have already toured a young student recorder class with it. If you are in the area plan to attend the "Raid at Ft. Harrison, Dayton, Virginia" on May 19th where you will be able to hear the heavenly sounds of a crumhorn.  
 So until next we meet…Play the right branch

Friday, May 11, 2012

Table is Set

You have given birth to these children and raised them to be the best that they can ever be. Now here it is years later and they are all on their way over to once again celebrate Mother's Day with you and your good cooking.

You have cleaned the house and set the table. Everything is in its rightful place as it should be ready for their arrival. Will they surprise me with that salad bowl that I have been admiring so much that Steve has hand turned and finished with perfection? I do hope so but can only dream of it. It is certainly large enough to hold a huge salad for all of those times when they land on my doorstep and when they aren't here I can certainly use it to hold fresh apples, pears or oranges.
#572 Spalted Ailanthus Bowl
So now that you are reading this and have a small clue as to what your mom may want for this Mother's Day why not stop by us and pick her out one. You can even surprise her by filling it up with all the fresh salad fixings. This is just one sample of some of the hand turned bowls that we have. You can find various selections at all the locations we are at this weekend. If you need us to ship we can do that also. It won't arrive for this Sunday but remember there is always next Sunday at mom's house.
Until next we meet…take the right branch

Friday, May 4, 2012

Woodn't She Like Some Wood?

No I did it on purpose, the incorrect spelling that is. Just a little play on the wood words there. Anyway you can only surmise who I am talking about. Yes it is all of those fine ladies you might call Mom, Mama or Mother. Sure she deserves only the priceless of gifts but not all can do that one. At the studio here Steve attempts to have a little something for just about everybody's different tastes and wallets. One thing for sure is that you will never see the same piece again. Similar maybe in design and shape but because every tree is unique to itself the wood itself will make the item. Color, texture, natural voids and sometimes even the aroma of the wood will all play with your senses making each piece special unto itself. Just like your mom is to you and another mom to someone else. Treat her to a piece of WoodArt that will cause her to say you shouldn't have.

#561 Pine Bowl SOLD

You can find a bountiful collection of functional WoodArt at all of the galleries we are featured in along with what we sell at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market. If you need something shipped we can arrange that for you also.

So for all of the mothers out there, past, present and future...know that you are thought of by someone.

Until next we meet...take the right branch