Friday, May 4, 2012

Woodn't She Like Some Wood?

No I did it on purpose, the incorrect spelling that is. Just a little play on the wood words there. Anyway you can only surmise who I am talking about. Yes it is all of those fine ladies you might call Mom, Mama or Mother. Sure she deserves only the priceless of gifts but not all can do that one. At the studio here Steve attempts to have a little something for just about everybody's different tastes and wallets. One thing for sure is that you will never see the same piece again. Similar maybe in design and shape but because every tree is unique to itself the wood itself will make the item. Color, texture, natural voids and sometimes even the aroma of the wood will all play with your senses making each piece special unto itself. Just like your mom is to you and another mom to someone else. Treat her to a piece of WoodArt that will cause her to say you shouldn't have.

#561 Pine Bowl SOLD

You can find a bountiful collection of functional WoodArt at all of the galleries we are featured in along with what we sell at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market. If you need something shipped we can arrange that for you also.

So for all of the mothers out there, past, present and future...know that you are thought of by someone.

Until next we meet...take the right branch

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