Monday, January 21, 2013

It’s a New Year

Welcome to the New Year 21 days later and also the heart of winter. Working in the studio can be pretty nice this time of year because the old Vermont Castings stove can sure put out a lot of heat when she wants to.

Steve has been collecting all sorts of oddly shaped branches from the back property since we moved here in hopes of one day turning and carving them into various canes and walking sticks. The first one created, Lucy Goosey we shared with you on December 21 2012 and since then Steve has finished 3 others. Two are simple in creation with not much fancy work done to them.

#876 Eagle Head Cane 
The third has much more detail on it which includes a hand carved and painted eagle's head. All are available at the Farmers Market where we vend on Saturday's or through this site. I know that there are a few other canes in the works so watch for more to come.
This week has been Ambrosia Maple week in our eyes. Steve tells me it is nice wood to work with and I can tell you that it is sure pretty on the eyes.
I have already begun to see the starting stages of a cute medium size bowl. It has this neat lip on it that reminds me of some of the ancient Native American pottery that we have seen in and about. I can't wait to see it in its finished stage but I know that Steve is meticulous with his finishes with constant sanding and rubbings in between each piece so I am gathering that it might be a good healthy week or two before I have it for display. As usual it heads to the farmers market with me first unless you
purchase directly.

So on that note our wood friends, stay warm and dry, appreciate art and craft and we thank you for supporting local small made in America business such as ours.
Until next we meet…Choose the right branch.