Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The official online store.

Well it is pretty official. We have an online store for you to shop at. You can still do it the old fashioned way by visiting us at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market or any additional events we may be at. Or you can still pick up the phone and call us or email us or facebook us with a message. But if you don't want to do any of those things you can now purchase our pieces though our site at Squareup.com. Yes the address is:

You will know that you are there because you will see our usual profiles of wood and the artist's fingers carving out the spoon. Bet you didn't know that was what he was doing. Inventory items will be added as quickly as we can. Remember if you are looking for something special please kindly email or phone us and we can chat about meeting your needs. 

We are not professional photographers and we can only say we do our best. We are small town business and when you purchase from us you support us. We can't thank you enough for that. So let us help you with all of your WoodArt Studio gift needs.

Until next we meet.... choose the right branch.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer is here, Where did Spring Go

Yes I ask you when did Spring happen. We wait and wait for Winter to leave us and then before we know it Summer time is here and slipping away oh so fast. One grandchild is starting school today and the others next week. Tourists and locals alike are still flocking to our local Farmers Market in Harrisonburg for fresh veggies, fruit and our freshly designed and single artist created functional WoodArt. Yes we have been busy.

And that could just be one of the reasons that you have not seen many blogs along the way. Running to markets, running to galleries keeps us young and healthy. Now some of you may be wondering why we have so many pictures in our Studio Gallery that have been sold. That is easy. While all of our pieces are unique unto themselves there are times when you may see a piece and say I love it, I want it, can you create something similar for me. Often times the answer can be yes and so we want you to be able to see as many of the work that comes out of the studio as possible. Yes it can take a while to scroll and see it all but plain and simply put it is worth it. And so on that note enjoy the scroll. If you desire to see more of us on a daily basis please follow along with us on our facebook page, The WoodArt Studio.

Until next we meet choose the right branch....

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Has Arrived

I did have all intentions of writing first on a weekly basis and then down to a monthly basis when we first started to blog. Honestly. Now as you can see by the date of the last post that this has just become a wild dream on our part, for various reasons. I find that like the weather you can never really count on things to be the way that they were meant to be. Sometimes it does snow in the Spring and other times we are just filled with beautiful tulips, daffodils and other assorted plant life.

Well the same is true for us here at The WoodArt Studio. The winter often can slow us down a bit, especially after the holidays. Its just too plain cold to create in the studio because it takes to long for the wood-stove to heat up the area. We find that overcast, cloudy, snowy weather is just not conducive for creating happy functional wood pieces.

But here we are in the middle of Spring and life is full of growth.The birds are singing and life in the studio is buzzing like the bees. Chips are flying. New items are being added. The cooking utensil and jewelry line has expanded. We have added a limited supply of hair clips and created another in our spirit house Red Barn series.
For the most part we post onto our facebook page daily or weekly so it is the best way to keep up with us. You can still find us at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market in Harrisonburg, VA in C'Ville Arts in Charlottesville, VA, and Lost River Artisan Cooperative in Lost River, WV. We are hoping to expand our market presence and will be doing from time to time the Lost River Farmers Market in Lost River, WV also so watch for news on that.

And to close for now we look forward to meeting many new WoodArt Studio followers again this year so remember to stop by and say hello so that we can thank you personally for supporting The WoodArt Studio.

For now choose the right branch...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A few minutes about us

On a brisk chilly morning in November while at the market we had the pleasure to meet Patrick Dunn of "Real Virginia". What an awesome guy he is. Well for some reason he felt that we were pretty cool also and took the time to do an interview with both Steve and myself about The WoodArt Studio and the Harrisonburg Farmers Market. So if you are so inclined to learn a bit more about us and actually see who we are take a look at the "Real Virginia Holiday Market" video. Thanks Patrick.

Remember that you can find us at the market on Saturday's this winter from 9am - Noon and also at our first semi private event "And it was Good" in Lacey Spring, VA.

Until next time... choose the right branch

Friday, November 15, 2013

Summer Gone / Fall Missed

WOW August 5th? What was I thinking when I said that I would blog once a week and then even later once a month? My saying of Life getting in the way of Life doesn't seem to be an appropriate excuse. I will say that we have been busy but then I know we all are. We are blessed a bit here at The WoodArt Studio to have somewhat of a two member team. Artist Steve doing all of the creative designing, crafting of the pieces and me doing all of the marketing and paperwork stuff. We like that it works for us.
Anyway even though we have not written here we have posted a few of the newer items on and off to the Studio Gallery. After all a picture is worth more than a thousand words they say. We have a more than constant presence on our facebook page with news and photos. In fact we would love to have you follow us there.
We are in several places this winter season so stop by and say hello. We have new pieces coming and going at every opportunity. Special orders are done when Steve is able. In fact one special piece was a communion set that he was commissioned to do for a local church as a wedding present. It truly left us both feeling honored.
We will be in and around for your gift giving needs this season as the schedule below will tell you. Contact us for directions to any event. We would love to meet you. You will find some of our pieces also in any of the year round locations. Keep in mind that we do ship throughout the USA if you are not in our visiting area. We want to take this time to thank all of you who have supported us verbally, financially and spiritually.
Some of our winter schedule:
Mondays Nov. 3:30 - 5:30: Wine Tasting & Craft Event, Massanutten Resort, McGaheysville
Tuesdays, Nov. 19 & 20 7am - 1pm: Harrisonburg Farmers Market, Harrisonburg, VA
Saturdays Nov.16 & 23 7am - 1pm: Harrisonburg Farmers Market, Harrisonburg, VA
Saturday Nov. 30th 9 - Noon: Bonus Market Small Business Saturday
                                                Harrisonburg Farmers Market, Harrisonburg, VA
Saturdays Dec. 7, 14, 21 9am - Noon: Harrisonburg Farmers Market, Harrisonburg, VA
Friday Dec.13 5pm - 8pm: "And it was Good" Fairweather Home, Lacey Spring, VA
Saturday Dec. 14 2pm - 6pm: "And it was Good" Fairweather Home, Lacey Spring, VA
Until next we meet... Pick the right tree.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Anniversary Oops!

We celebrated our anniversary again last week but totally forgot to really celebrate it with you. Running around being busy is really no excuse either. So to make up for it we have drastically reduced prices on some of our inventory. These pieces you can purchase through email correspondence with us or when we are at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market. Prices listed in the Studio Gallery are current retail. Contact us for sale price. Hurry because each is a one of a kind piece not to be around long.
Inventory items reduced are: #51 / #199 / #217 / #232 / #274 / #360 / #368 / #383 / #384 / #404 / #439 / #746. See them all in the Studio Gallery.

Until next we meet… Choose the right tree.