Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Has Arrived

I did have all intentions of writing first on a weekly basis and then down to a monthly basis when we first started to blog. Honestly. Now as you can see by the date of the last post that this has just become a wild dream on our part, for various reasons. I find that like the weather you can never really count on things to be the way that they were meant to be. Sometimes it does snow in the Spring and other times we are just filled with beautiful tulips, daffodils and other assorted plant life.

Well the same is true for us here at The WoodArt Studio. The winter often can slow us down a bit, especially after the holidays. Its just too plain cold to create in the studio because it takes to long for the wood-stove to heat up the area. We find that overcast, cloudy, snowy weather is just not conducive for creating happy functional wood pieces.

But here we are in the middle of Spring and life is full of growth.The birds are singing and life in the studio is buzzing like the bees. Chips are flying. New items are being added. The cooking utensil and jewelry line has expanded. We have added a limited supply of hair clips and created another in our spirit house Red Barn series.
For the most part we post onto our facebook page daily or weekly so it is the best way to keep up with us. You can still find us at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market in Harrisonburg, VA in C'Ville Arts in Charlottesville, VA, and Lost River Artisan Cooperative in Lost River, WV. We are hoping to expand our market presence and will be doing from time to time the Lost River Farmers Market in Lost River, WV also so watch for news on that.

And to close for now we look forward to meeting many new WoodArt Studio followers again this year so remember to stop by and say hello so that we can thank you personally for supporting The WoodArt Studio.

For now choose the right branch...

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