Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer is here, Where did Spring Go

Yes I ask you when did Spring happen. We wait and wait for Winter to leave us and then before we know it Summer time is here and slipping away oh so fast. One grandchild is starting school today and the others next week. Tourists and locals alike are still flocking to our local Farmers Market in Harrisonburg for fresh veggies, fruit and our freshly designed and single artist created functional WoodArt. Yes we have been busy.

And that could just be one of the reasons that you have not seen many blogs along the way. Running to markets, running to galleries keeps us young and healthy. Now some of you may be wondering why we have so many pictures in our Studio Gallery that have been sold. That is easy. While all of our pieces are unique unto themselves there are times when you may see a piece and say I love it, I want it, can you create something similar for me. Often times the answer can be yes and so we want you to be able to see as many of the work that comes out of the studio as possible. Yes it can take a while to scroll and see it all but plain and simply put it is worth it. And so on that note enjoy the scroll. If you desire to see more of us on a daily basis please follow along with us on our facebook page, The WoodArt Studio.

Until next we meet choose the right branch....