Friday, October 28, 2011

A Great Centerpiece

Autumn has arrived down here in the Valley. Reds, Yellows, Browns all the colors that put us into the season of color. Leaves that may be up in the trees this morning can very casually drift down to the ground by afternoon. Yes we could rake most of them up today and place them in the compost pile but I would rather have some fun and just enjoy traveling through them, hearing them crunch under my boots as we travel out to the studio.
#326 Catalpa Leaf II
Fall in America also brings more people inside sharing conversations and good food. It doesn’t matter whether it is a table for two or twenty a splendid centerpiece surround by your food dishes will sure to make the table more inviting to your guests to sit and stay awhile. Isn’t that what you want them to do anyway?
I have harvested together for you some of nature’s shapes in wonderful colors of tan, browns, and golden yellows that together or alone would make for a well designed theme for your dining table or afternoon buffet.
#323 Cherry Bowl

#359 Mulberry Bowl

#368 Cherry Leaf Bowl
Until next we meet… Set your table with wood.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Food Day

#440 Cherry Spoon
"Food Day" is the newest of holidays for people all across America to celebrate. I know that you are thinking what does Food Day, October 24th, have to do with The WoodArt Studio of all things. Or maybe you are just saying to yourself what is "Food Day"?

You can read more on their website, Food Day, but in a nut shell (no pun intended), “Food Day seeks to bring together Americans from all walks of life—parents, teachers, and students; health professionals, community organizers, and local officials; chefs, school lunch providers, and eaters of all stripes—to push for healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way.” 

#358 Pierced Cherry Flipper

Can you imagine a better way to begin enjoying this event then to start with cooking healthy food? Of course you need some great quality wooden cooking utensils to do this in our minds. Spoons, Flippers, Scoops, Pierced Spoons are just a few of the endearing pieces that you will find we have to get you going.
Start an endearing new tradition now!                                                                                          

#461 Small Cherry Scoop

From Oct. 21 – 24th you can take an additional 10% off of our spoon and utensil inventory that is not in either the OASIS Art & Craft Gallery or C'Ville Arts where we also sell pieces. This is just a small sample to whet your cooking appetite.  Contact us or see us at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market this Saturday and let the folklore begin with a spoon.
Until next we meet... Celebrate Food!
#464 Olive Scoop

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bosses Day

Ok so by now you know that I love these simple every day holiday celebrations in life. So this Sunday is National Bosses Day. We all seem to have a boss of some sort. As adults we have work bosses, children have parent bosses; students have teacher bosses and even the self employed have themselves as bosses. So keeping in mind that Sunday is the big day to celebrate we know that many of you in the work field will be giving that all important gift to your boss today BUT there is an equal amount of you who will have never realized that it is bosses day or will have forgotten to get the gift in time. Well here we are to aid you with your dilemma.
#275 Tiniest Maple Bowl
Tomorrow we will be at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market with several pieces to meet your Bosses Day gift purchasing needs and to whet your appetite here are some suggestions. Now if it just so happens that you are out of the area and need that gift, just contact us and we can get it to you. Won’t a special one of a kind piece from The WoodArt Studio gain you points with your boss this year! Oh and one more thing, because you are so thoughtful about your boss we will offer you 10% off if you tell us it is for your boss. 

#188 Myrtle Lidded Box     

 #172 Collectable Sumac Spoon       
#378 Mushroom

#447 Butterfly Pin

#451 Ash Cross
Until next we meet…

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Spalted Maple Leaf

Wikipedia says that the Maple Leaf is not only the  symbol that rests on the flag of Canada but can also be found in commerce, geography, music, ice hockey, baseball, football and even a soccer club. You can find them on the branches of Maple trees and now in this hand carved piece that Steve had meticulously completed last year. In the above picture it is dead center.
You can tell it apart by the wonderful spalting in the piece. Real leaves don’t have spalting. What is spalting you ask? Well to keep it simple, spalting is created when a fungus creeps up into the body of a tree. In this case it created a divine play of black, browns and grays infused in the overall light golden tan of the piece. The veins have an ever so slight bas relief affect which sad to say is hard to see in these photos. The stem is so slender that you might be afraid to touch it. 
OASIS Art Gallery currently has this on display as part of their “Nature Walk Exhibit” which extends through the end of this month. Try to make some time if you can and take a stroll through this exhibit in the rear of the gallery to check out this impressive leaf. If you are interested in having this as part of your own nature collection you can purchase it from us via our site here or stop on down to OASIS directly.

#171 Spalted Maple Leaf
See Studio Gallery
Until next time… you may never look or think of a leaf in the same way. Oh and happy raking!