Friday, October 28, 2011

A Great Centerpiece

Autumn has arrived down here in the Valley. Reds, Yellows, Browns all the colors that put us into the season of color. Leaves that may be up in the trees this morning can very casually drift down to the ground by afternoon. Yes we could rake most of them up today and place them in the compost pile but I would rather have some fun and just enjoy traveling through them, hearing them crunch under my boots as we travel out to the studio.
#326 Catalpa Leaf II
Fall in America also brings more people inside sharing conversations and good food. It doesn’t matter whether it is a table for two or twenty a splendid centerpiece surround by your food dishes will sure to make the table more inviting to your guests to sit and stay awhile. Isn’t that what you want them to do anyway?
I have harvested together for you some of nature’s shapes in wonderful colors of tan, browns, and golden yellows that together or alone would make for a well designed theme for your dining table or afternoon buffet.
#323 Cherry Bowl

#359 Mulberry Bowl

#368 Cherry Leaf Bowl
Until next we meet… Set your table with wood.

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