Friday, October 7, 2011

The Spalted Maple Leaf

Wikipedia says that the Maple Leaf is not only the  symbol that rests on the flag of Canada but can also be found in commerce, geography, music, ice hockey, baseball, football and even a soccer club. You can find them on the branches of Maple trees and now in this hand carved piece that Steve had meticulously completed last year. In the above picture it is dead center.
You can tell it apart by the wonderful spalting in the piece. Real leaves don’t have spalting. What is spalting you ask? Well to keep it simple, spalting is created when a fungus creeps up into the body of a tree. In this case it created a divine play of black, browns and grays infused in the overall light golden tan of the piece. The veins have an ever so slight bas relief affect which sad to say is hard to see in these photos. The stem is so slender that you might be afraid to touch it. 
OASIS Art Gallery currently has this on display as part of their “Nature Walk Exhibit” which extends through the end of this month. Try to make some time if you can and take a stroll through this exhibit in the rear of the gallery to check out this impressive leaf. If you are interested in having this as part of your own nature collection you can purchase it from us via our site here or stop on down to OASIS directly.

#171 Spalted Maple Leaf
See Studio Gallery
Until next time… you may never look or think of a leaf in the same way. Oh and happy raking!

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