Friday, September 30, 2011

Falling Leaves

We certainly do not have to look at the calendar to know that autumn is upon us. While walking around the homestead I am amazed at how many leaves have already fallen to the ground and need to be raked and put into the compost pile. Leaves and nature in general can sometimes bring out the best in a piece of wood as it did in this lapel pin.
Out of the studio this week came some fine nature inspired jewelry. First butterflies hand worked from some left over burl with silver wire for antennae. Then yesterday it was a slice of Bloodwood. The most awesome shade of red that so reminded us of the fallen maple leaves that it just begged to be carved.
So with chisel in hand this maple leaf emerged. After the initial shape was made the veins were carved in on the face. The veins, along with the entire edge of the leaf, was slightly burned to give a bit more definition to this 3 ½” pin. A ¾” pin clasp is glued to the back, while a soft coat of finish was applied to give it a gentle glow and protection.
#454 Bloodwood Leaf Pin
So dress up your fall wardrobe with a reminder of the connection you have with nature and earth this season. This as all of the work that comes from the studio is one of a kind. With that in mind and the approaching holidays if you would like to purchase it or need more information and pictures please contact us via our email address.

Other news to keep you going:
  • More pieces have been posted to our WoodArt Studio on Etsy.
  •  We hope to be set up at the C’Ville Arts Gallery in Charlottesville, VA in the next week or two.
  • We are celebrating Oktoberfest this week at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market with 10% off our entire inventory that we bring to market. If you can’t make it down and need to have something that we do usually bring to market contact us by Sunday night and let’s see what we can do for you. Remember that we ship throughout the USA.
  • Harrisonburg Farmers Market made the local news last night so if you want to see a bit of what our market looks like then click here on 1 on 1 Harrisonburg Farmers Market.
  • For all of you market attendees who can’t seem to get to some of our other venues we have started the “Other Venue Book” that will contain pictures of what we do display in these other spots. If it is something that you are further interested in we can make arrangements to have you see it in person.
Until next we meet…

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mortar and Pestle, Both Beautiful and Useful

Could I be so bold as to say that I think that I may be back on track? I will tread carefully with that thought.

While many people walk into our spot at the Farmers Market we often hear the comment “they are so beautiful”, and yes I do have to say that Steve’s work is beautiful but in today’s world can we all afford beautiful and not useful? Not many of us can or would care to. This is one of the aspects that I so enjoy about Steve’s pieces. They are beautiful and useful all at the same time. Spoons are meant to be stirred with and sipped from. Bowls are made to hold trinkets, salads, fruit and much more.
#449 Ash Mortar & Pestle
We try to fulfill requests as much as we can, but not usually as quickly as we would like. One such wish that we received this past summer was for Mortar & Pestle sets. Early this month the need was filled with the supply and the first, a smooth, sleek Walnut one came from the studio and was quickly sold. A few more were turned from Ash, Oak and Sapele and are currently available from us. I have to say, and have heard from others, that one of the neat things about our Mortar & Pestle is the way that the Pestle can rest in the two top grooves of the Mortar when it is not being used. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you deserve a “beautiful and yet useful” gift of our new Mortar & Pestle sets? See you at the market soon, but if you can’t make it there remember that we ship throughout the USA.

Until next we meet…

Friday, September 16, 2011

Leaps & Challenges

So maybe I shouldn’t always type “Until next week” as a closing line. It’s not that we haven’t been busy or anything. In fact we have really grown with several leaps these past 5 weeks and have learned a few lessons along the way.
Lesson one was don’t do any county fairs. When we last blogged I told you that we were going to the Shenandoah County Fair representing The WoodArt Studio. We learned that a county fair is just not a venue where people go to purchase gifts. Not only wood gifts but any gifts as my fellow vendors did not seem to be selling anything either.
We did open up The WoodArt Studio Etsy shop and we are pleased to see that there are people looking, liking and adding us as favorites. We still have yet to read a zillion pages on how it all works and how to make it grow but we are pleased that it is up and running. It has been a challenge as to which pieces to add to the shop so we have been handpicking some of the newest Spirit Houses that have come from the studio, many if not all of which have not been shown in any of our other venues. So be sure to check them out before they are gone. Any one of them would make a fine gift for you or your friends and family.
An application was submitted to C’Ville Arts in historic Charlottesville, VA mid August and we are very pleased to announce that The WoodArt Studio will also be represented there in that art co-op. There is a training period that needs to be done but we hope that all will be in place by the end of this month. Watch for future info.
The Farmers Market is still continuing along with 3 days a week. Weather has not been most cooperative and we have left early a couple of times due to the rain.
Several new spoons, ornaments, spirit houses, bowls and much more have been emerging out of the studio doors and one is prettier and more useful then the next.  I think that with the approaching Halloween Holiday I will treat you all to some of the new Spirit House Castles so check out the Studio Gallery. As always each piece is a one of a kind that once it is sold it is gone. So if you love it then contact us and buy it so that it can be yours and yours alone.
Oh the title said Leaps and Challenges. We told you the leaps. The challenges started 3 hours ago when I decided to add a few more, mind you just a few pictures to the Studio Gallery. That challenge is completed for the day. Enjoy and please let me know what you think. Suggestions to this blog are always welcome.
Until next we meet…

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time Gone, Catching Up

Well if that isn’t a mouthful then what is? It was 2 weeks ago today that we sat down to write the weekly blog for the Friday post. Fact is that I always hand write a copy first so technically it is done and to give you the short version of Aug. 19th it was about going back to school and education. Thurs. night the weather is getting rainy with some thunder. I am getting ready to shut down the computer and zap comes the lightening. Internet out and also we found out that we were hit with a bad computer virus all at the same time. Friday we come to find out that our regular computer guy went out of business so now to the next guy. Due to busy weekend he gets the computer on Tues. and swears it will only take 2 or 3 days. Well I heard that before but I am in Virginia now so I should believe him. He also said he would reload everything back to the way it came from the factory. Again why wouldn’t I believe? Aug. 25th let’s stop by on the way home and see if the computer is done. I know that it has only been 2 days but …no its not but there is only one ahead of me. Yipee! Sat. Aug 27th, 4 days later from drop off time. Let’s see???? No not yet and he says that there are 125 more downloads to go. Ok again a weekend without. Tues, a week later and again home from the market I stop. Yes, yes, yes computer is ready. Pay the man, dash home and connect. Happiness??? Almost. All the programs that came with the computer that he promised he would put back on are not on. So that is time gone.
Catch up to today. I have reloaded almost everything and everything seems to be doing what it is suppose to do except of course for the print shop which I use every day. Not sure if all of the printer stuff is good to go either.

#343 Cherry Stirring Spoon
Until next week… create!

So when last we blogged I told you that we were doing Etsy now but I haven’t had the time to make the connection with all of the do dads that they have to offer. Sad is that is why we put off doing Etsy for over a year due to the fact that I wanted everything up and going smoothly. It is on the agenda for next week.
Today, tomorrow and Sat. Let’s see Farmers Market today officially from 4-7 but I am going to try and do the unofficial 3pm start time. Tomorrow, Friday something new for us. The Shenandoah County Fair. We will be there from 10:00 – 7:30pm in the activity tent. Stop by and check some of the new pieces that have come out of the studio these past two weeks. There will be 10% all inventory at this county fair. Great time to start the holiday shopping and find that hand made unique gift. Finally on Sat. we will again be at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market for our usual Sat. gig. All the college kids are back and they will be sure to add that extra exuberating feeling that we all get at a Sat. market.  Ah I see on my calendar that it is national Lazy Mom’s Day. Why not pick her up a hand carved spoon of local Virginia Cherry or Walnut and make some dinner for her.