Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time Gone, Catching Up

Well if that isn’t a mouthful then what is? It was 2 weeks ago today that we sat down to write the weekly blog for the Friday post. Fact is that I always hand write a copy first so technically it is done and to give you the short version of Aug. 19th it was about going back to school and education. Thurs. night the weather is getting rainy with some thunder. I am getting ready to shut down the computer and zap comes the lightening. Internet out and also we found out that we were hit with a bad computer virus all at the same time. Friday we come to find out that our regular computer guy went out of business so now to the next guy. Due to busy weekend he gets the computer on Tues. and swears it will only take 2 or 3 days. Well I heard that before but I am in Virginia now so I should believe him. He also said he would reload everything back to the way it came from the factory. Again why wouldn’t I believe? Aug. 25th let’s stop by on the way home and see if the computer is done. I know that it has only been 2 days but …no its not but there is only one ahead of me. Yipee! Sat. Aug 27th, 4 days later from drop off time. Let’s see???? No not yet and he says that there are 125 more downloads to go. Ok again a weekend without. Tues, a week later and again home from the market I stop. Yes, yes, yes computer is ready. Pay the man, dash home and connect. Happiness??? Almost. All the programs that came with the computer that he promised he would put back on are not on. So that is time gone.
Catch up to today. I have reloaded almost everything and everything seems to be doing what it is suppose to do except of course for the print shop which I use every day. Not sure if all of the printer stuff is good to go either.

#343 Cherry Stirring Spoon
Until next week… create!

So when last we blogged I told you that we were doing Etsy now but I haven’t had the time to make the connection with all of the do dads that they have to offer. Sad is that is why we put off doing Etsy for over a year due to the fact that I wanted everything up and going smoothly. It is on the agenda for next week.
Today, tomorrow and Sat. Let’s see Farmers Market today officially from 4-7 but I am going to try and do the unofficial 3pm start time. Tomorrow, Friday something new for us. The Shenandoah County Fair. We will be there from 10:00 – 7:30pm in the activity tent. Stop by and check some of the new pieces that have come out of the studio these past two weeks. There will be 10% all inventory at this county fair. Great time to start the holiday shopping and find that hand made unique gift. Finally on Sat. we will again be at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market for our usual Sat. gig. All the college kids are back and they will be sure to add that extra exuberating feeling that we all get at a Sat. market.  Ah I see on my calendar that it is national Lazy Mom’s Day. Why not pick her up a hand carved spoon of local Virginia Cherry or Walnut and make some dinner for her.   

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