Friday, October 14, 2011

Bosses Day

Ok so by now you know that I love these simple every day holiday celebrations in life. So this Sunday is National Bosses Day. We all seem to have a boss of some sort. As adults we have work bosses, children have parent bosses; students have teacher bosses and even the self employed have themselves as bosses. So keeping in mind that Sunday is the big day to celebrate we know that many of you in the work field will be giving that all important gift to your boss today BUT there is an equal amount of you who will have never realized that it is bosses day or will have forgotten to get the gift in time. Well here we are to aid you with your dilemma.
#275 Tiniest Maple Bowl
Tomorrow we will be at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market with several pieces to meet your Bosses Day gift purchasing needs and to whet your appetite here are some suggestions. Now if it just so happens that you are out of the area and need that gift, just contact us and we can get it to you. Won’t a special one of a kind piece from The WoodArt Studio gain you points with your boss this year! Oh and one more thing, because you are so thoughtful about your boss we will offer you 10% off if you tell us it is for your boss. 

#188 Myrtle Lidded Box     

 #172 Collectable Sumac Spoon       
#378 Mushroom

#447 Butterfly Pin

#451 Ash Cross
Until next we meet…

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