Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Minute Book Report

I feel like the kid who left the book report to the last minute. Not that I meant to as I believe that I am past that stage in life. Or at least I thought so with most things but with the computer giving us daily attitude it managers to put us behind a bit.
Whenever Steve leaves the studio with a piece or two I set about to become instant photographer so that we have a log photo of every piece. I know many say why bother but maybe it is the genealogist in me that needs to record all of these daily adventures in The WoodArt Studio.  Yes I am a genealogist but that could be a whole other blog. And as I said the computer has been not cooperating to say the least. Glad we spent all that money to get it fixed.
#462 Birdhouse Ornament
So today was catch up day for one and all. Steve has been very busy out there creating many new and old pieces for everyone’s holiday giving. He has also been working hard on a huge bowl that came from the General Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree which fell this past spring. He will hope to bring it to his next woodturners meeting this month, which also reminds me that I need to photograph that also. We had the unusual Halloween snow as most of the Eastern seaboard had so that caused us to shovel a bit but today it was like springtime. It was perfect weather to take some time and go for a nice walk and trim some of the bushes for the winter.
Dinner and a shower then reminded me that I needed to write and post the blog that you all eagerly wait to read?? With that in mind here I sit contemplating the last minute book report routine, cramming and hoping that it will get a passing grade. I am so beside myself that I think I am going to post it now, the day before. So it is up to you… Did I pass or did I fail? I’m waiting to hear from you all.
Until next we meet…

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