Friday, November 18, 2011

Life Busy

I quite often find it interesting to see the cycles of life. From the large picture or one’s entire life down to the smallest of day to day issues. Yes I could go smaller down to the minute but we need to keep the blog short and sweet. After all who wants to hear about our minute by minute daily ups and downs? That is one of the reasons we don’t use twitter. Who can guarantee a signal when one is out in the woods or would I really want to disturb the serenity of the moment anyway?

The early part of this week was so absolutely beautiful weather wise that we just had to get outside and cut and haul some wood. While Steve does the large chunks I deal with the kindling type pieces. It gets hard this time of year because we are hauling wood in to burn so that the studio stays nice and warm with the VT casting stove but what do we do when we find that wonderful log that Steve knows he can get a nice bowl from. Well the answer is simple enough. The bowl or bud vase, new turned ornament or great cooking utensil will win out every time. Most often we will be able to find enough wood to burn but oh the precious pieces that just call out to be turned can sometimes be rare. Beauty is in the eye of the wood not just the beholder.
#463 Walnut & Osage
Orange Ornament Sold

Now later on in the week it is turning a bit chillier along with some light rain. So first we are happy that we cut and hauled and second we are now even happier to be doing inside work. Steve is in the studio and I have been busy adding to the Etsy site. We now have a total of 15 pieces up and showing, most of which are the holiday ornaments. Some you may never have seen via our blog so be sure to drop in there as the door is open 24/7.

Ornaments are how Steve got started with woodturning and I am pleased to be the proud owner of one of his firsts. It is a simple spiral from a piece of padouk, very similar to our Spiral Canary Wood one. I chose the spiral design because it had reminded me of the crystal icicles that use to hang on the tree when I was younger. Now any size, shape, design and wood type will emerge from the studio and hopefully, without much deciding difficulty, into your home where it too will become a cherished heirloom. We currently have 29 unique, one of a kind ornaments that you can find with us at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market, at C’Ville Arts Gallery, OASIS Art & Craft Gallery, The WoodArt Studio on Etsy, or via this blog.

Until next we meet....

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