Friday, November 15, 2013

Summer Gone / Fall Missed

WOW August 5th? What was I thinking when I said that I would blog once a week and then even later once a month? My saying of Life getting in the way of Life doesn't seem to be an appropriate excuse. I will say that we have been busy but then I know we all are. We are blessed a bit here at The WoodArt Studio to have somewhat of a two member team. Artist Steve doing all of the creative designing, crafting of the pieces and me doing all of the marketing and paperwork stuff. We like that it works for us.
Anyway even though we have not written here we have posted a few of the newer items on and off to the Studio Gallery. After all a picture is worth more than a thousand words they say. We have a more than constant presence on our facebook page with news and photos. In fact we would love to have you follow us there.
We are in several places this winter season so stop by and say hello. We have new pieces coming and going at every opportunity. Special orders are done when Steve is able. In fact one special piece was a communion set that he was commissioned to do for a local church as a wedding present. It truly left us both feeling honored.
We will be in and around for your gift giving needs this season as the schedule below will tell you. Contact us for directions to any event. We would love to meet you. You will find some of our pieces also in any of the year round locations. Keep in mind that we do ship throughout the USA if you are not in our visiting area. We want to take this time to thank all of you who have supported us verbally, financially and spiritually.
Some of our winter schedule:
Mondays Nov. 3:30 - 5:30: Wine Tasting & Craft Event, Massanutten Resort, McGaheysville
Tuesdays, Nov. 19 & 20 7am - 1pm: Harrisonburg Farmers Market, Harrisonburg, VA
Saturdays Nov.16 & 23 7am - 1pm: Harrisonburg Farmers Market, Harrisonburg, VA
Saturday Nov. 30th 9 - Noon: Bonus Market Small Business Saturday
                                                Harrisonburg Farmers Market, Harrisonburg, VA
Saturdays Dec. 7, 14, 21 9am - Noon: Harrisonburg Farmers Market, Harrisonburg, VA
Friday Dec.13 5pm - 8pm: "And it was Good" Fairweather Home, Lacey Spring, VA
Saturday Dec. 14 2pm - 6pm: "And it was Good" Fairweather Home, Lacey Spring, VA
Until next we meet... Pick the right tree.


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