Friday, April 27, 2012

Gallery No. 3

Sometimes if you see us at our regular spot at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market it may seem that our inventory is on the lighter side. That can sometimes happen for one of two reasons. Either we sell several pieces during the week or we have entered into another gallery. The case this week is that we have just been accepted into the Warehouse Art Gallery in Luray, VA. Directly across from the Luray Visitor's Center , it is a huge space where art is more than a piece you should purchase. It is a feeling that you absorb and want to take home with you. So along with so many other acclaimed artists here in the valley you will find several of Steve's pieces.

So with this in mind Steve has been quite busy, as he usually is, out in the studio. Bowl turning and spoon carving as just some examples are not as a rule made in a day. Sure he may be able to do the basic shape turning in a fair amount of time but it is all in the finishing that takes the time. Sanding then a coat of finish, then more sanding. All this to get to just the right smoothness. Good thing that there are always several projects happening at any given time. I think right now we are awaiting a set of Walnut salad hands, a new fairly large Spalted Ailanthus bowl, two smaller Singers Glen Oak bowls, a Black Birch bud vase, and a Raphine Maple bowl along with some of the smaller pieces that are still in the designing stage of life.
#571 Bowl Sycamore SOLD

So until next we meet, take the right branch…

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