Friday, August 5, 2011

Celebrate Your Best Friend

So they say if you can count your friends on one hand then you are a lucky person. Well I bet that at least one of those 5 is your best friend in life. This Sunday is National Friendship Day so let’s take the time to remember some of the reasons why they are your best friend still today.

Was that person there when you fell off your bicycle and scraped your knee? Was he there when you climbed up to high in the tree and he gently helped you down without breaking your neck? How about when that boy (or girl) broke up with you and you just needed a shoulder to cry on. Remember when you laughed so hard with your best friend that you nearly wet your pants?

All these reasons and so many more give you cause to smile when ever they cross your mind. Best friends come in all ages, genders, and relationship forms; age 1-100, male, female, mom, dad, brother, sister, biological and adopted to say a few. You know you can always wait until a birthday or other major holiday but what a surprise it would be if you thought of them with a unique gift from The WoodArt Studio to celebrate your friendship.

No matter what your budget we have something for you. The hardest part is what to choose and we are here as your personal shopper to help you with that if you need us to. So email or visit us at the Farmers Market where we sell every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Celebrate your friendships not only this Sunday but everyday even if its only with a spinning Finger Top.

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