Friday, December 21, 2012

Lucy Goosey

Well if you haven't noticed by now we like to name a few of the pieces that emerge from the studio. Maybe because during the creation process an attachment is formed which continues through to the end with the tagging and photography. Tagging and photography that is what I do. So in the past we have had Daisy, Betsy, Chief, Black Skull Castle, Windemoor Castle, Elaine's (which still continue) and Santas.

Today I want to introduce you to Lucy Goosey. Steve started to collect various limbs off of the back acreage a year or two ago. Different lengths with various twists or bends in the piece. They have been doing nothing but resting on the wall until now.
#868 Lucy Goosey Cane
This week Lucy was born with the face of a goose. A set of carved nostrils and jet black ebony eyes make her ever so sweet to look at. Her body is sinuous in look and feel with a coloring fit for the finest goose you will ever walk with.

As you have read she was already baptized with the name Lucy and she will make her first public appearance this Saturday at the European Holiday Market in downtown Harrisonburg. Bear in mind (not to switch animals here) but there is only one Lucy. Wouldn't she look great in your hand or maybe just leaning along the fireplace wall. You know just like Old Saint Nick did on Christmas Eve.

Until next we meet… choose the right limb.

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