Friday, March 1, 2013

Frankenstein Needs a Home

Allow me to introduce you to one of our favorites. Frankenstein. By now you know that we like to name some of our pieces when we are inspired to do so. This is one of them. Frankenstein, or Frankie as he is known to the family is one of those pieces.
#538 "Frankenstein" Box Elder with Turquoise SOLD
Among so many of the beautiful trees in the valley we find Box Elder. This tree when cut open has some of the most alluring red and gray tints along with its incredibly sensual quilting pattern. Some of the finest violins will have Maple quilted backs on them. If that is the case could this make it into the finer hollow vessel area? I will not be the one to judge that, you can. So in addition to the start of this piece with an awesome cut of wood the designed shape is great. Completely carefully hollowed out on the inside it maybe just what you were searching for to hold a dried flower arrangement on your dining room or coffee table.

So now you might be still questioning why he was dubbed Frankenstein. Well you will see he has all of these crazy turquoise filled lines on him that reminded me of the scars of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. A genuine turquoise stone has been pulverized to a fine powder and then prudently sprinkled into the openings. Some might call it bling, I call it classy stitching.
And so today, we are concerned that Frankenstein is still residing with us and needs a home, possibly with you. To entice you a bit we have decided to take 40% off of his current retail price. You can find the listing in the Studio Gallery as #538. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information on him or other pictures. He will be with us at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market where we vend every Saturday. For all of you who live a distance we can ship for a nominal charge.

Until next we meet… choose the right limb

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  1. Hello, i write on the crumhorn post, can you send the plans for make a crumhorn? I like to build one because are dead today those instruments. The sound of crumhorn is wonderful and so powerful for make renaissance music.
    Thank you very much.