Friday, April 19, 2013

New Growth

Spring brings with it new growth. After the cold seemingly long winter the breath of fresh air is great to breathe in. Everything that seemed to look old is new again. Trees start to flower with their beautiful blossoms of pink and white. Earth in the garden area is ready to be tilled and plants to be planted. Yes it is all starting again.

As for the studio the pace is just picked up a bit. Steve no longer needs to wait for the stove to warm the place up in order to turn a bowl or carve a spoon. And so all the designs that spin in his head the night before can now be brought to fruition one at a time. Yes one at a time because it is only Steve who does all the work. There are no secret wood elves that stop into help him out.
As for me, my WoodArt Studio life picks up the pace also. With springtime comes an additional farmers market day in Harrisonburg. While we have dropped one of the galleries that we were in we added another in Staunton, where we had wanted to be for some time. The Smith Center Gallery Shop will now be offering an assortment of our unique incredible cooking utensils.  

We are also adding a show or two here or there. You will find us at the Daylily Food & Wine Festival in Fishersville, VA; July 20-2, 2013. More information will follow which we will post on our facebook page. If you don't follow us there now would be a great time to do that. Much more is posted there on a regular basis. You know how we all love to be on facebook.
And so that is how we are growing a bit this windy spring.
Until next time… pick up the right branch

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