Friday, May 27, 2011

Natural Edge Peace Bowl

Its baseball season and if you are into baseball at all you might remember that bats can be made of Ash. Players like the durability of ash bats because they're light, enabling the player to swing faster and therefore hitting the ball farther. The wood is smooth and players like the feel.

Well Steve was fortunate enough to find this piece of Ash and turned it into this natural edge three footed bowl. Yes the three feet are not glued on afterward but actually are part of the turning process. What makes this 4” high bowl special, in addition to the natural edge from the tree, is the ground Pipestone inlay in the center that fills straight through to the underside of the piece. Pipestone is a prized Native American stone that is often used in their scared peace pipes. It is a beautiful red-clay color and like the Ash in this work it is quite smooth to the touch.

So many of the pieces that come out of the studio are not only useful and pleasing to the eye they need to be caressed in your hands. The smooth touch of this bowl may just offer you the peace that you are searching for while reminding you of the inner strength, like the Ash tree that you possess.

#334 Three footed Ash bowl w/ Pipestone
If this is what you have been searching for please see us at the market this week or contact us directly. For now… Dream wood.

Friday, May 20, 2011

National Salad Month

Did you know that May is National Salad Month? I didn’t until I started to write this story. Steve and I love salads and try as often as we can to enjoy eating them. The majority of our garden is planted and we have already enjoyed the lettuce and the radishes and look forward to incorporating more of the fresh veggies as the season progresses. We also love to get fresh food from the farmers market when we can. So do you enjoy salads? What kind and what do you put into your salad?

No matter what kind of salad you make it can become a labor of love when you reach for a favorite wooden utensil to stir or toss the ingredients. Steve has several custom-created utensils such as Spoons, pierced and slotted, with straight or arched handles, Salad sets, Icing Blades, Pie Lifters, Olive Scoops, Spurtles and more. The best utensil for the best job. All of these are hand carved from various woods and treated with food safe oil. They are easy to maintain by hand washing (easy for me as I never had a dishwasher) and then a quick towel dry. 

Utensil Assortment
In the picture is a small sample of what we currently have in our inventory with prices starting at $25.00. If you need to feel before you purchase visit us at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market Tuesdays and Saturdays. Too far a drive, email and I will send close up pictures for you. Remember your favorite salad recipe and a WoodArt Studio utensil makes a special gift for the hostess of your next BBQ adventure. Till next week… Dream wood.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

Composed by Sir Edward Elgar and first performed as a graduation piece at Yale University on 28 June 1905 where Sir Edward received an honorary Doctorate of Music. Ah… music is another connection for Steve and me. We met in a music store where Steve was the instrument technician and I was in sales. Steve had been repairing both band and orchestral instruments for most of his life. Those years of experience fell directly into place when he began to turn and carve wood. Violins, Violas, Cellos and String Basses all need precise service in order to play in tune and too look good as well.

Tiniest Bowl Assortment
Forward several years and here we are in the Shenandoah Valley evoking from the wood, the symphony that it wants to play. Each chunk of wood starts out in the raw such as any elementary school music group and through time will become a philharmonic orchestra set for Carnegie Hall. In the Studio Gallery we show a beautiful Box Elder bowl (#296) with quilting that would compare to that on a fine violin. Smooth to the touch and a most marvelous gift for your graduating student.

We have many other fine gifts for your graduate from the tiniest of bowls to hold paper clips and push-pins to cooking utensils and jewelry. So no matter what school they are leaving and whether it is with an AS or a BS, The WoodArt Studio will have the gift that will honor them for a lifetime. We have added a few more pieces to the Studio Gallery so don’t forget to stop by there for a peak also. Until next week… OR see you at the market.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Just a Touch of Turquoise

Ailanthus, aka the Tree of Heaven, especially down here in Virginia is very appropriate for Steve and me as we often think living in Virginia is a slice of heaven. Just so happened that one spring 2010 day we had one of the Ailanthus in the front of the property come crashing down onto the driveway. Lucky we were not out for our morning walk about. Well nothing else to do except locate the chain saw and get sawing. Several nice chunks were salvaged from that tree that became weed pots and bowls of various sizes and shapes.

One of the pieces that he fashioned is what you see here. It is a free form bowl with a naturally formed fissure through the side of the bowl. Part of this fissure was filled with my favorite semi precious stone, turquoise. If you are unaware turquoise has been a stone that you will often find in Native American jewelry and is a stone of peace and tranquility. Some believe that it will increase wisdom, balance, strength, friendship and love. I find many of these qualities in this piece as I am sure that Steve did while giving it birth.

#289 Free Form Ailanthus Bowl w/ Turquoise
I know that it is hard to envision the beauty in this piece, especially when I only give you a small taste with one photo, so if your appetite is whet and you want to see more it is currently at the OASIS Art and Craft Gallery in Harrisonburg, VA. Is the valley to far to drive? Email me and I will send you more photos. It would make a truly special wedding gift for your bride and groom or if you are celebrating a 5th anniversary, wood is traditional and turquoise is the gemstone. Until next week…