Friday, May 27, 2011

Natural Edge Peace Bowl

Its baseball season and if you are into baseball at all you might remember that bats can be made of Ash. Players like the durability of ash bats because they're light, enabling the player to swing faster and therefore hitting the ball farther. The wood is smooth and players like the feel.

Well Steve was fortunate enough to find this piece of Ash and turned it into this natural edge three footed bowl. Yes the three feet are not glued on afterward but actually are part of the turning process. What makes this 4” high bowl special, in addition to the natural edge from the tree, is the ground Pipestone inlay in the center that fills straight through to the underside of the piece. Pipestone is a prized Native American stone that is often used in their scared peace pipes. It is a beautiful red-clay color and like the Ash in this work it is quite smooth to the touch.

So many of the pieces that come out of the studio are not only useful and pleasing to the eye they need to be caressed in your hands. The smooth touch of this bowl may just offer you the peace that you are searching for while reminding you of the inner strength, like the Ash tree that you possess.

#334 Three footed Ash bowl w/ Pipestone
If this is what you have been searching for please see us at the market this week or contact us directly. For now… Dream wood.

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