Friday, June 3, 2011

The Curlies

Is it Hansel & Gretel who would drop the bread crumbs so they could follow the trail out of the woods? Well if so then Steve must be listening to his Engelbert Humperdinck classical copy of the music because I think it too has inspired him to leave crumbs except his are not bread but are wood curlies.

From the studio door up the stairs to the side porch down the side to the kitchen door all I see sometime are these curlies. But being the wife of the artist I certainly don’t mind. In fact I look forward to seeing them because I know at the end of the trail is another wonderful surprise!

Sometimes its spoons or bowls, this week it was actually a bud vase. If you remember a couple of posts back, we talked about the Ailanthus tree that fell on the property last year. Well just when I thought that there wasn’t any Ailanthus left to turn, I followed the curlies and there it was. This curvaceous bud vase and Steve was just putting the final touches on the pyrography element of the piece. What I found that made it so unique, despite of the wood, is that when you need to refill the inner tube with water, you can just push it up from the bottom of the vase, fill and carefully replace it, ready for fresh buds.

So I am always glad to follow the curlies in my life because the surprise at the end is always worth the walk. Where do the curlies in your life lead you? Hopefully back to The WoodArt Studio. Oh Steve was listening to Gustav Holst’s The Planets when last I visited the studio. Ummmmm? Until next week… Dream wood.

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