Friday, June 10, 2011

Betsy Scenter

Now that spring is in full bloom, along with all of the vibrant colors the flowers bring they share their intoxicating aroma. 
#330 Betsy Scenter
Well if you like the smell of dried flowers in your home I am sure that you will enjoy holding them in the “Betsy Box Elder Scenter”. She is a beautiful, smooth turned piece of Box Elder with a hand pierced Mahogany lid where the sweet aroma of your dried flowers can escape from. The finial to lift the lid off of is also Box Elder.

But... don’t let us tell you what to do with Betsy once you purchase it from us, let your imagination fuel your desire. What treasures that you hold close to your heart will you place into Betsy? Jewelry, loose change, hard candy? How about the engagement ring that you plan to give that special lady in your life? Ummm?
Until next week… Imagine and Dream Wood.


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