Friday, June 24, 2011

Quiona Ring Holder

I was recently inspired by a picture of a friend’s daughter’s wedding to chat about our ring holder today. Of course she looked radiant in the picture and I would guess as a new bride she will never want to take off of her finger her beautiful rings. Who would want to? But as we know time marches on and things in our lives change. We pick up new hobbies or our biological system just seems to change. Moving south to a warmer climate my fingers tend to swell up at times which causes me to remove my rings for small amounts of time. I wear gloves when I am doing all of the messy garden work so I don’t take them off then but especially when the Ben-Gay needs to be rubbed into the artist’s back off the rings come. Something about the smell of Ben-Gay in my rings just doesn’t cut it.

So as not to panic where I put my rings once I have removed them I have a ring holder that Steve designed for me several years ago. Today I want to show you one amongst several that we have out of the studio that still are available for purchase. I especially like this one because of the wood and its simple shape. Some people like to down size as they get older I like to simplify.

The Quiona tree grows deep in the Andes mountain of South America and is different from the Quiona that is known for its food value. Steve was lucky enough to find this piece several years ago and recently had the pleasure of turning it into this simple ring holder. He said that it was a welcoming change to turn as opposed to some of the more difficult wood that he has worked with. I admire the clean lines and smoothness of the piece along of course with its usefulness.

So who should have this one? How about the recent bride and/or groom as it is not gender defined. Or maybe you are thinking of asking that special person to be your soul mate and can’t think of a different way to present the engagement ring. Well why not just put it atop this ring holder, wrap it in a special gift box and present it to them over a quiet picnic lunch for two. Whatever way you imagine we have the ring holder just for you, all you have to do is supply the ring.

Until next week…Don’t loose your rings.

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