Friday, July 1, 2011

Independence Day

Independence Day, commonly known as the fourth of July for many is the day that we adopted the Declaration of Independence, thereby declaring our independence from Great Britain. It is a reason to celebrate! For some it becomes a long weekend of celebrating especially when the 4th is on a Monday as it is this year.

With the extra time off there is bound to be fireworks, BBQ’s and picnics abounding. Burgers will be on the grill, green salads in the bowl and delicious pies lining the tables. I hope there are leftovers because Steve’s birthday is the next day.

One of the finest ways to present your guests all of these mouth watering treats is with a wooden utensil from us. Of course you know that it is all in the presentation. We have flippers, spatulas, slotted and unslotted spoons, salad sets and even a pie lifter for all those desserts. You know that you can never have enough desserts.
#226 Cherry Pie Lifter

So start your weekend off with some good yummy food served with just the right size utensil hand carved from the artist Steve. That reminds me that I have to go out and weed the garden, pull some lettuce, beans and check on the potatoes. See you on Saturday at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market  from 7-1pm. Enjoy your weekend, celebrate your freedom.

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