Friday, July 8, 2011

Take the Time

Where did the week go? Looking back at last weeks post date it has reminded me that we are already into July and summer. Where does the time go, especially as we get older? I know we all have so much to do in our daily lives and there are still times that I think God has just not given us enough time in each day, but then my senses kick in and realize that He has given us just the right amount of time and that it is up to each one of us to use it properly. In balance as some may say.

So this week we played on the 4th and on the 5th we celebrated both Steve’s birthday and my daughter, Elizabeth’s birthday. Yes who would have thought two very important people born on the same day? Wednesday brought us to OASIS Art & Craft gallery for our monthly service time there. While walking around the space and relishing in all of the awesome work of several talented area artists I felt blessed that I could be there and yet saddened by the thought that there are several of you who for various reasons can not make it to the gallery. While I would love to share with you each and every artist’s link, time will not allow me to do that at this point. But I thought to myself how I could share with you a medium size shot of the art that Steve has there. 

And so the ah-ha moment arose and late last night I put the picture pieces together. Using the ever popular social networking venue of facebook I was able to create an album: The WoodArt Studio at OASIS Art & Craft Gallery, which I believe if you click on this link should bring you directly to the album whether or not you are a member of facebook. All pieces, as of today, are still available for purchase. Email us for more pics, pricing and shipping. Remember the 2011 wedding on your list with an incomparable gift from The WoodArt Studio.

So my desire for you today is to take a few moments from your busy life, enjoy your mini trip to the gallery and the medium size section known as The WoodArt Studio courtesy of cyberspace.

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