Friday, July 15, 2011

Puzzle Complete

Like the multi piece puzzle that starts out disjointed there ends beauty in the whole. This past winter a well formed size of Mt. Solon cherry happened into the studio instead of the wood pile. While Steve sat and envisioned what this log would become the log was busy doing its part by drying. Bowl, vase, sculpture what would it be?

Soon these rough puzzle pieces would be honed and placed together. Cherry log joins the mustard color lathe; Steve’s chisel to fit in the right palm of his hand. Corners of a large vision taking shape.

A restless piece of the puzzle has begun to change shape. Various chisels meet the whirling wood, ribbons are flying, and chips are falling. A bowl is beginning to take shape around a naturally formed knot hole. Oh the wonder of a tree. Almost ninety degrees to the left is a small crevice forming. Was that anticipated in the puzzle picture? Not sure but what a comely spot she is. The sacred stone, Turquoise would fit so fine in here and add just the acceptable amount of bling to this already desirable bowl. Multiple sanding between finishes has made her smooth as silk.       

The puzzle is complete with all of her pieces tightly fitting together. A beauty she is with her 3” height and a comfortable 8” across. Place her on your elegant table setting and watch the people come to ogle and ah. 

#397 Cherry Bowl w/ Knot & Turquoise


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