Friday, July 22, 2011

Christmas in July

Today here in the valley, like most of the eastern seaboard this week, it will be unbearably hot and humid. I am trying very hard to do the mind over matter thing and remember how cold it was this past winter while standing outside at the Farmers Market with our fellow vendors. For that brief moment I can actually feel a slight coolness coming upon us, but then we are brought back to reality, like a TV show, and the sweltering heat of mid July. Well what better to think cool then to think Christmas time? White soft billowy snow, sleigh rides, friends and family around the tree and ornaments.

Yes ornaments. Christmas in July! Why not start thinking today and buying tomorrow? I read that many people begin their shopping this time of year not only to get a running start on a long retail experience, freeing up precious holiday time to enjoy with others but also for some great deals. At The WoodArt Studio we thought we would jump onto this holiday sleigh ride too.

So this July 23 – July 26 we will be taking 20% off all our in-stock Holiday Ornaments, Santa Faces and Christmas Trees. What a wonderful time to lay the foundation for your holiday giving. All of our pieces are truly one of a kind, never to be exactly the same again. Begin the tradition with one of our handsomely hand carved, hand turned ornaments. Created from various woods like Box Elder or Padouk it will enjoy a prized position on the tree for years to come. I know that mine does. Passed down from generation to generation all will want to know the story how you acquired such a distinctively unique ornament.

So we will see you at the Market Sat. and again on Tues. morning but if you can’t make it there, order your piece, and we can ship for a nominal fee. Further details are under our Shipping Information. Capture a glimpse in the Studio Gallery of what could be hanging on your tree this Christmas.

Until next week… Merry Christmas! 
#122 Spirit Santa Face

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