Friday, June 17, 2011

Spirit Outhouse

It is a perfect day for a walk in the countryside and you have packed enough water for your journey. Having just found a path that seems to lead down into the primeval forest a smile slowly emerges from your face. What a glorious day for a quick jaunt. Birds are singing in the trees as chipmunks scurry alongside you. Remembering back to the days when you read always to drink enough water so as not to become dehydrated you drink every often. But oh does the water have an effect on you now.

So you have to go, what shall you do? Miss Manners would no doubt say find a bathroom, however out here in the forest all you see are trees and those silly chipmunks. But wait. Up ahead, at the top of that ridge, is that an outhouse I see? In my now state of emergency it must be. With a mad dash up the 6 steps I climb only to reach the top and find the door with the neatly painted half moon locked.

 No this is not a dream, although it can be one of the tales that you spin when friends ask you about the Spirit Outhouse that is sitting on your bathroom shelf.

Steve began carving Spirit Houses from Cottonwood Bark a little over 4 years ago. The box from Alaska took almost a month to arrive but in the end was well worth the wait.

How he can take this raw piece of light weight bark and create a whimsical place for a good spirit to live (or relieve oneself) as he is carving is beyond my dreams, and yet he can. From small outhouses to a three story multi-rise house Steve has managed to bring a bit of fantasy into reality, complete with windows and even a balcony at times.  Several pieces are still available and can be viewed here in the studio gallery.
#383 Spirit Outhouse

Oh, on a side note if you would like to read a bit more about Steve and The WoodArt Studio he is featured in this weeks Harrisonburg Farmers Market “Meet Your Vendor” series.

Until next time…Think spirits and Dream Wood.


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