Friday, May 6, 2011

Just a Touch of Turquoise

Ailanthus, aka the Tree of Heaven, especially down here in Virginia is very appropriate for Steve and me as we often think living in Virginia is a slice of heaven. Just so happened that one spring 2010 day we had one of the Ailanthus in the front of the property come crashing down onto the driveway. Lucky we were not out for our morning walk about. Well nothing else to do except locate the chain saw and get sawing. Several nice chunks were salvaged from that tree that became weed pots and bowls of various sizes and shapes.

One of the pieces that he fashioned is what you see here. It is a free form bowl with a naturally formed fissure through the side of the bowl. Part of this fissure was filled with my favorite semi precious stone, turquoise. If you are unaware turquoise has been a stone that you will often find in Native American jewelry and is a stone of peace and tranquility. Some believe that it will increase wisdom, balance, strength, friendship and love. I find many of these qualities in this piece as I am sure that Steve did while giving it birth.

#289 Free Form Ailanthus Bowl w/ Turquoise
I know that it is hard to envision the beauty in this piece, especially when I only give you a small taste with one photo, so if your appetite is whet and you want to see more it is currently at the OASIS Art and Craft Gallery in Harrisonburg, VA. Is the valley to far to drive? Email me and I will send you more photos. It would make a truly special wedding gift for your bride and groom or if you are celebrating a 5th anniversary, wood is traditional and turquoise is the gemstone. Until next week… 

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