Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother’s Day Gift Basket

What mother does not like to cook? Yes I know many fathers like to cook also but this is Mother’s Day that is coming upon us. The day you profess to her how much you love her. Why not do it with a cooking theme. Yes I do mean cook for her. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or even a salad could clearly place a smile on her face. So how do we spin this with a small gift from The WoodArt Studio? Easy!
#322 Walnut Salad Utensil Set

First find a favorite recipe and one that you will be able to make for her, so if you are not the best cook then keep it simple, hence the salad. Purchase one of our hand carved spoons or salad utensils. You should do this fairly quickly if you need to have us ship it to you. Then travel to your favorite local market and purchase all of the ingredients to create your special gift for mom. Pack all of the makings and your new unique WoodArt spoon or salad utensils in a pretty basket, add a card with the recipe that you plan to create for her and ta-da you have a personalized gift that she will hold in her heart for a life time. And oh when you actually cook it for her and wash the dishes afterward you will have created the perfect Mother’s Day. Look forward to hearing from you and until next week enjoy. Now I have to go out and cull my lettuce.

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