Friday, April 15, 2011

The Cross of Easter

I can not think of a better time then the onset of Easter to introduce to you the two crosses that Steve has designed. People at market had asked him if he ever had carved a cross. It took some time but he had finished two of them a couple of weeks ago. I found it quite calming when I took the photos of them both and can envision you holding either one in the palm of your hand as you study scriptures year round.

This first one was hand carved from a piece of Bloodwood that was purchased while we lived the life in NY. Bloodwood is a tree that grows in South America and has this deeply moving rich color to it. It has been hand-rubbed many times to bring out not only the luster of the wood but making it smooth to the touch when you hold it in your hand.

#284 Bloodwood Cross
This second cross is again hand carved except this time from a piece of Oak. There is strength and hardness in the Oak tree which does make it a challenge to carve. While this design is a little chunkier in body and feel it would still be fine to hold during your scripture readings or meditation. 

#291 Humble Oak Cross

Until next time may your week be serene and full of joy.

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