Friday, April 8, 2011

Hand Crafted by the Artist

Hand crafted by the artist!

Pretty powerful statement when it is read aloud. No employee to help along with the formation of art. Choose the wood, dream the piece, lift the wood, choose the tool, turn or carve the piece, finish, sand (several times) and finally present the piece. Yes, truly some pieces take longer than others due to size, shape and character of wood. Wet wood, dry wood; days into months finally finished into that truly one-of-a-kind piece. Sure from time to time there may be another one that is similar but due to the nature of trees being unique unto themselves nothing that Steve makes will ever be duplicated exactly the same. How awesome would that be if you were able to own something that no one else will ever have. Something even as simple as a wooden spoon or bowl will take on a whole new meaning when you gift it to yourself or someone else.

#209 Maple Burl Noggin
For all intents and purposes today I want to show you a beautiful hand carved and somewhat hard to find piece called a “noggin”. First mentioned in the mid 17th century for use as a small cup or spoon type utensil a noggin hung from the person’s belt, always available for use when hunger fell upon the knight or faire lady. Its use later spread to North America and can still be found dangling on the side of a costumed medieval faire attendee.  In modern day American homes you can find them used in various situations even as far as to keep it in the bathroom as a scoop for your bath beads. Currently we have them available carved from Ailanthus, Box Elder and Maple Burl, in fact the profile picture for the blog and The WoodArt Studio facebook page is of Steve hand carving one of the Ailanthus noggins. If you want to own one of these specially carved pieces for your own hurry as we are heading into faire season once again. Email us for pictures of the others that are still available.

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  1. Happy to report that this beautiful noggin was sold yesterday. A few more still available.