Friday, April 1, 2011

A Leaf in the Garden

Light snow fell in the Valley this week much to my dismay. Some of the really nice weather that we had last week spoiled me into thinking that spring was here with summer soon to follow. Buds are starting to pop and the leaves that I should have raked up last year are all over the land. Steve has been fascinated with leaves for a long time now. In fact during our time in NY on lunch time walks I use to bring back to him different colorfully shaped leaves. I think that he use to imagine craving them sometime in the future. Well the future is here today.

About a month ago he happened upon a piece of Catalpa, perfect for the carving of the Leaf Bowl you see below. What a beautiful grain is running through the wood. It was a challenge to carve if only to get the bends of the leaf all in the right spots. You can see the vein that stretches down the center, which is also prominent on the back of the piece. A very delicate stem was added to the end of the leaf, naturally. The bowl is of decent size (able to hold 4-5 medium size apples). Surly this could be the centerpiece on your dining table.

#306 Catalpa Leaf Bowl
So where is this bowl today? How about in a place full of exciting discoveries and surprises? It was first introduced at the Farmers Market last Saturday and then it went to OASIS Art Gallery in downtown Harrisonburg, VA where it will be part of April’s group show “The Secret Garden” based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, until it may find its way into someone else’s homey garden. How about yours? Until next week may all your secrets bloom forth in your garden of leaves.

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