Friday, March 30, 2012

The Cross

Springtime is here and along with it brings new birth. Flowers, animals, trees. It also reminds us of the Easter season which is upon us. Last year Steve started to carve some crosses. We are happy to report that they sold quickly. They were mostly hand held crosses, the type you might want to hold while you were in prayer, meditation or bible study. I asked him again during the year to carve out some more. Which he did. The first couple were again hand held ones. The next three were placed on leather-like cord to be worn as a neck piece. (Neck piece because we feel that they can be worn by both men and women). The last couple that he has carved came from the Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree. How appropriate is that. Once again I love them all and would have a hard time choosing which one to keep. No matter which one you would choose I know that it would find a special place into your heart just like they have in mine. Oh one is even strung with a ribbon tie in case you want to hang it as an ornament.

Until next we meet….

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