Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinterest Look

Well in addition to all of the everyday it's now Springtime things to do I had decided to fool around with the Studio Gallery page. It started out as a simple I want to add some more pictures of the pieces that have come out from the studio of late. But I wanted to add them to the top of the page and not the bottom. Trying to figure out how to do that, and I haven't yet figured it out, led me to hours and hours of work. The final effect is what we call the Pinterest look. Pictures, framed white, thoughtfully but carelessly  placed. Since I feel that Blogger has a mind of its own I will still try to play with it... hopefully posting the newer pieces at the top of the page instead of at the bottom. But like all things in their infancy it does what it wants to do and I have so much to learn in so little time.
Added this week or last to our Studio Gallery was:
  • #538 "Frankenstein" Notice the lines... they are turquoise. Even Frankie can have a little bling in his life.
  • #602 Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree (SJPT) ornament. Signed, dated and registered.
  • #603 Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree (SJPT) Crotch Bowl. Remember that the crotch is where the branches fork out. This one has three spots.
  • #604 Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree (SJPT) Hand carved collectable spoon with prayer hands.
  • #605 Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree (SJPT) Hand carved collectable spoon with jacket cuff prayer hands and oak tree pyrographed into bowl.
Until next we meet or there inbetween...