Friday, July 27, 2012

Anniversary Time Again

Time to celebrate and dance to the music all over again. Where have the two years gone. Four years ago this business was only a dream, a maybe possibility, a distant future goal. Now look at us with 2 candles on our cake.

When New Years Eve comes around almost everyone is reflecting on the past year and setting all sorts of goals for the next. So here we are with over 750 pieces designed, created and hand crafted by Steve and Steve alone. Ok so I, Debbie, wife of The WoodArt Studio artist Steve has added the neck cords to all of the necklaces that were added to our inventory line this year. Nineteen pieces were specially created from the Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree that fell last May. We have our functional art in over 25 states here in America and several overseas. Two more galleries here in Virginia now carry several of our bowls, ornaments and utensils.

We survived several wind storms and lost one of our staunch supporters, our dear neighbor Jerry B. You could always count on Jerry for a kind word, helping hand and overall friendship. He will be sorely missed around the studio. We attended the first annual Highland County Old Time Fiddlers Convention where we sold not only WoodArt but fiddles along with having the pleasure of hearing some great old time music. There is such talent in the area.

Our future will hopefully hold several more functional art pieces entering into many homes across the world. We are busy searching for yet another Farmers Market to enter into along with possibly a couple more outside fairs. We might like to do some home parties. Are you interested? Contact us and let's talk. Maybe even an open studio one weekend?
So for now join us in celebrating two wonderful years. Thank you for supporting us here for without you there would be no WoodArt Studio.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Debbie and Steve!!! Two years working full time as artist and artist's muse and sales rep. An amazing accomplishment - I'm so proud to know you! Deb Booth

  2. Happy Anniversary! We love you guys and are so glad that you ended up here in the valley!!!