Friday, July 20, 2012

Fallen Trees

So why is a fallen tree(s) a good/bad thing? It is real good if you are a woodturner / woodcarver and can use the wood in one's craft. It is a not so good thing if you are in those trades and the huge tree that just missed your house in the fall is Pine. Now question me on what tree(s) fell on our little acre? Yes you got it Pine, and not one but about five on quick examination. We can't even burn the Pine in the woodstove because of all the sap. Wish that I could find someone in the violin rosin business.

So to make this short story a bit longer last Friday night we had one of the worst wind storms in the valley per some of our neighbors. Up to 80 mile an hour winds whipped through the area and most of Virginia. I have never seen such huge, over 30 feet tall trees, bend nearly in half. Pine as you may or may not know does not have the best root system so even though the tops can bend with just the right wind in just the right direction, snap it goes. Coming from basically treeless Long Island we still are getting use to the sway of the trees here on the land.

So with all that in mind and the heat well into the upper 90's plus we are slowly getting down to the clean-up of the June windstorm.

On the side note remember that summertime is here and Virginia is for lovers and vacationers. If you are in the area stop down to the Farmers Market where we vend every Tuesday and Saturday morning. There is something for everyone from the wee child to the older adult. Wedding gifts, true hand crafted Virginia pieces to take back with you can be found at The WoodArt Studio.

Until next we meet… choose the right branch.


  1. "basically treeless Long Island" ??? oh you south shore people... sorry you are losing all these "useless" trees... sounds like you should invest in a wood chipper....

  2. We are in Virginia now and yes a wood chipper would be great but a wood splitter needs to come before that. :) ~debbie