Monday, March 7, 2011

A Dream Takes Shape

March is here and with that Spring will be arriving. It has been what I would call a mild Virginia winter, but then I have to say that this has been our first full complete winter in Virginia.

The later part of winter 2010 was spent building the inside of the studio. In fact at that time there was no The WoodArt Studio, there was only a dream and an empty shell of a studio. Walls, insulation, electricity and placement of equipment was an everyday occurrence during the cold pre-spring months of 2010. There was no heat in that building back then so work was dependent upon the outside weather even though we were banging nails on inside walls. By late spring it was to become a working studio complete with major machinery in place and a long work bench along the eastern wall. Chisels, sandpaper, finishing oils could now be all laid with easy reach.

Spring 2010 had arrived and with that the beautiful weather the Valley has to offer. The garage door could be opened up and work could be done with all of the natural lighting that the day had to offer. Wood was turning and chips were flying. Bowls, spoons, spirit houses were being constructed all in preparation of our future patrons.

The dream was becoming the reality and in July 2010 The WoodArt Studio was born. That same month brought The WoodArt Studio to facebook with its own page so don't forget to check it out there. As soon as we figure out how to add the link from here to there that will be done also. Learning, learning. Last week launched our blog/website here and today the second post. So there you have it, the cliff note version of The WoodArt Studio. More to come so tune in again.

What's really happening today you may ask? Well the woodstove, that was added to the shop in the heat of August 2010 is fired up and warming the inside of the studio. Wood was just picked up from one of our dear friends and transported to the studio with the help of our neighbor, Jerry. Fresh coffee has been brewed and soon curly chips will be flying at The WoodArt Studio again and another ??? will be created.

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