Friday, March 18, 2011

Flying Wood Chips

Good morning faithful followers. Let’s see what a week it has been. Woke up on Monday morning and thought that I heard a cow in our backyard space. Later in the day I receive an email from our neighbor who asked if we saw any cows in our backyard as the fence fell down from a fallen tree and some of the cows had gotten through. Well at least we are not having cow dreams.

#425 Push-Pull Sample

Out in the studio wood chips, large wood chips, were flying from the end of the chisel as a new piece was started. Seems that it will be all hand carved and no lathe this time. Sharing with you the design will come later after the work is done. He did bring in a finished Box Elder bowl (see the picture of it in the Studio Gallery) and a candlestick which I have to say is awesome. We had a run on the Push-pulls so more of them went into production. They make a great gift for anyone who likes to cook or for those of you who just want to stop burning your arms on the hot oven. It hooks on one end of the rack, you pull it out, when you are done just flip the stick over and push the grate back in.

Thursday came and it was a beautiful day outside so we worked on some of the trees that had fallen down from the last wind storm. Now that we have more wood cut for the stove we will probably never need to fire up the Defiant (yes that is the name of the studio woodstove) ever again. More bowls were rough turned and the new mini ladle was finished. Friday brings the Mt. Crawford auction to the plate. You never know what goodies you can find. I am on the hunt for some real cheap mirrors to place under the bowls so that it will reflect the beauty on the underside of the piece.

So such was the week and it looks like we are heading into a nice weekend. Market in the morning and “Starry Starry Night” Gala at OASIS Art Gallery tomorrow from 7-9:30. Two turned ornaments donated from The WoodArt Studio for the silent auction.

Have a creative week and see you next Friday.

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