Friday, March 11, 2011

To Market, To Market To Find a New Spoon

So it’s Friday, National Worship Your Tools Day. Gosh is there really a day to celebrate that? We have fun with chisels and a lathe everyday.

If my memory serves me correctly I think there are several bowls in the midst of different turning stages and at least a spoon or two being carved. The surprises that can emerge from a chunk of wood can sometimes seem unbelievable. So tomorrow being Saturday, oh and by the way it is national Plant a Flower Day, we have market in the morning. I hear rumor from the weatherman that it is to be a pleasant day so why not head down to the market in the Valley for your weekend shopping event. I am sure that there will be plenty of fresh veggies to buy along with the traditional baked goods. While you are there dreaming of how to arrange them all into a fine stew why not stop by our booth and pick up a new hand carved wooden spoon for yourself. There will be a new one added to the already wonderful collection that we show. This one is carefully formed out of a piece of Virginia Walnut that came off of the property. Perfect in length for stirring that stew that you planned on making. No stew tonight? Well then how about some oatmeal to stir tomorrow? Either way you will love it. See you tomorrow, but for today…let’s go and worship some tools.

Oh, oh, oh I am hoping to switch the blog to a Friday event instead of a Monday. Do you dear blog readers have a preference?

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