Friday, December 2, 2011

It’s December

It’s December and we all know what that means. Chillier weather, shopping, extra eating, more company and the list goes go on. This past Wed. we started the holiday season off with a Bazaar at JMU, that’s James Madison University, for all of you non Virginians. To be in a 103 year old institution with approximately 17000 students was an awesome experience and we will look forward to participating in the Bazaar again next year.   
Today was wood cutting day for the woodstoves. Even in the mildest of winters you cannot have enough wood, especially when you are working with two stoves, studio and home. Cutting also gives us both the chance to clear away some of the trees that have fallen from the past on the property.
Friday is the day that we always prepare for the market and we are looking ahead to this Saturday’s market as it will be the first of the Holiday Market with its shortened hours. 9am to noon. Three markets with three shopping hours each. BUT… we have something else for you. A BONUS market on Christmas eve. Same place, same time so no excuses for not finding the time or us as we will be in the same spot, #25.
Steve has added a few more pieces since last we met. An ornament or two, a key ring cross charm, spoons and a natural edge pear bowl. As we start this holiday season let us thank you for all of your support, comments and purchases.
Until next we meet…


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