Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections in the Wood

So it is New Year's Eve and what else does anyone do but reflect on the past year. I can barely remember yesterday so a full year is certainly a challenge. Maybe this just calls for leaves.
  • Opened up The WoodArt Studio facebook page. Don't forget to stop by there from time to time, give us a like, become a fan and stay up to the moment on some of our daily turns.
  • Began The WoodArt Studio website/blog here in February. Our goal was to post on a weekly basis and I think that we did pretty well and only missed maybe one or two weeks. Our future will hold more exciting news from the studio, inside and out along with some of the happenings in and around the A-frame and possibly a guest blogger or two. We cherish your input on what you would like to see crop up here so please comment and email us. In addition we want our following to grow here so please share with your friends our blog site.
  • We attended 99 out of 102 scheduled Farmers Markets in downtown Harrisonburg and organized the first ever unofficial Bonus Christmas Eve Market held in the Turner Pavilion. In my opinion and those of several of my fellow vendors that participated with us it seemed to have been a success and one that will hopefully continue in the future.
  • We continue to show at OASIS Fine Art & Craft gallery and expand the gallery market by adding our pieces to C'Ville Arts in downtown historic Charlottesville. We hope to grow with a couple more galleries in Virginia so if you know of a gallery that might be interested in Steve's work please dash us an email with their information.
  • We started, after much hesitation (actually several years but that is a whole other blog post), our own store front on Yes I call it a store front because isn't that just what it is. Inventory needs to be dusted, re-described, prettied up as one might say. We feel that it is very bare walled and that our shelves are light at the moment but it is one of our 2012 goals to fill those blanks with much of the pieces that emerge from the studio.
  • The other part of living was spent painting the living room and kitchen, cutting and hauling wood for the woodstoves, mowing the grass, tending the garden, visiting with family and friends, hiking in the forest and overall enjoying life in Virginia.

    Happy New Year until next we meet ...

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