Friday, January 6, 2012

Thank You

Yes the time has come to find out what is so special about this month. Surf the internet and have just found out that it is January is National Thank You month. I love it because we love to thank so many of our loyal friends and family of The WoodArt Studio. You helped us to grow in so many ways last year and we know that it will only continue again in 2012. Your comments, photos, stories, laughs, purchases among other things have only aided us in our growth as a business and as human beings.

So huge THANK YOU to all of you. We would like to extend the thank you beyond words with a free WoodArt Studio gift magnet with every purchase that you make between now and the end of the month. Now we know that everyone likes to put magnets all over their refrigerators, so why not ours,  but we would like to keep this down to one magnet per customer. Keep in mind that honesty is the best policy and that we won't be able to ship any if you purchase an item via either of the galleries that we are in. Your purchase will count towards the free magnet but you must pick it up from me at the Farmers Market in Harrisonburg. Of course if we are shipping your purchased item directly from us we will slip it into the box for you.
Once again THANK YOU and we look forward to serving you in 2012 and the many years to follow.  

Until next we meet... 

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