Friday, January 20, 2012

Etsy week

I am just going to call this the plow into Etsy week because that is just what we did among the other chores of working in and around the studio. You all may think that it is easy to write a blog post but not for me and therefore to write a good Etsy listing can be equally challenging at times. Fact is that I try to write the day before so that it is fresh to post on Friday. Don't ask about this week to much as most of it was spent on Etsy writing. Some Etsy people say just write one post and then duplicate it. Well that can be difficult and not something we care to do with our listings. Each piece that comes out of the studio is unique unto itself and so each listing deserves to be also. 

So we write, read, take more pictures, edit, read more and finally it is ready to post. Then off to market we go where I sell the piece that it just took so long to write about and off of Etsy it comes. Oh well. But in the end it is fine because we are so happy that another of the functional art makes its way into a happy home to put a smile on someone's face.
Now this morning I was thinking about what to write the last minute and was thinking, like facebook, not all of you may use So today's post is a brief listing of some of the pieces that we have put up this week that you may just want to have in your home. Etsy is real easy to work and we take PayPal through it. So on that branch...

Wooden Pie Lifter Server Cherry by TheWoodArtStudio

Olive Scoop Spoon Pyrographed Flower Osage by TheWoodArtStudio                                               

Until next we meet...

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