Friday, December 16, 2011

Wooden Spoon Recommendation

#493 Cherry Stirring Spoon
So  you have searched and searched up and down for the gift that will make them shout that is just what I needed, not what I wanted but what I needed! What is it? It is the perfect hand carved wooden spoon, just for you and you have found it here at The WoodArt Studio. It is always a pleasure when you can find something that you are searching for.    

#435 Pierced Cherry Spoon
Well not too long ago I had the same issue I wanted to find out if there were many cooks out there in the big world who did use wooden utensils on a regular basis when they cooked. So on to Google and what came up was a superb article; Wooden Spoons – Why Chefs Recommend Cooking With Them. I thought what a fantastic post I need to get in touch with “The Reluctant Gourmet” and get his permission to add this article to our own blog. So here we are, permission granted and we couldn’t have been happier. What distinct shapes and sizes and well used spoons he does have in his collection. Take the time to read some of his articles and you will discover that he is a definite fan of the wooden spoon.
#500 Pearwood Stirring Spoon SOLD
#501 Pearwood Stirring Spoon SOLD

We at The WoodArt Studio would like you to also become a fan of the wooden spoon. Steve started carving spoons several years ago and actually the first ones were small collectable ones. You know like people collect silver ones with different state names on them. Well the ones that came out of the studio at that time were mostly of exotic woods and detailed in various shapes, even down to some that resembled snakes. As time marched on the spoons got longer and simpler. Stirring spoons began followed by flippers, spatulas, spurtles, salad utensil sets, pie lifters and scoops to name a few. Most were of a simple design but every so often one would slip in with a tiny touch of detail. Functional art as we sometime say.

So now that we have you hooked on cooking with wooden utensils we look forward to helping you start your very own collection with one of the hand carved spoons or other utensils that have emerged from the studio. All our utensils are on display when we vend at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market. There will be one more Holiday Market this Saturday, December 17th and a Bonus Market on Christmas Eve morning from 9am to noon.   
#461 Small Scoop
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