Friday, June 1, 2012

Court and Market Days

#562 Box Elder Bowl SOLD
Back in the day, somewhere around 1862, here in America we were in the midst of a Civil War. Still everyday tasks needed to be done. Farming, tinkering and tailoring quite often from sun up to sundown every day, except for Sunday as a rule. A wife needed a new spoon so her husband went and fashioned her one. She needed a bigger bowl for mixing. So he took the time and carved her out one. A battle was being fought and a southern general, Stonewall Jackson, was heading into battle.

Hence he stopped along his way, with the company of his men and prayed under a huge oak tree in the Grottos area of Virginia, or so the story goes. Who could imagine that some 300 years, plus or minus, branches of that tree would be carved and turned into pieces for you to purchase here today at our very own Harrisonburg Farmers Market.

#604 SJPT Collectable Spoon
So stop what you are doing today and step back into a different kind of market where dancers, musicians, artisans and maybe even a solider or two might be walking the dusty field. After that then head down the embankment to the current Harrisonburg Farmers Market where you will find us vending along with 40 plus other Saturday marketers. Commemorate your special time there with a handcrafted piece made by artisan Steve. We have bowls, spoons, bud vases and even some finger tops for the children. If you are looking for a piece designed and created from the Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree we will also have some of those pieces there also.
Until next we meet…take the right branch

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