Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fiddles, Violins and Wood

Yes all three do have a common grain running through them this post and yes it does have something to do with Steve. As some of you  may know all ready Steve in our pre Virginia life had a career as a musical instrument technician. In simple terms he repaired all types of band and orchestra instruments. He did this for some 30 plus years. That it is huge sum of violins, string basses, clarinets and flutes to just name a few. Working with string instruments, whether you call it a violin or a fiddle really doesn’t matter because in the end it is all beautiful wood.

With this technical background it was a beautifully designed transition from musical instrument wood to WoodArt. So on the day that Lisa of the Highland County Old Time Fiddlers Convention stopped by our booth at the Farmers Market and admired our pieces she immediately invited us to come and vend at the festival. After chatting a bit and she discovered Steve’s background with the instruments and  she became even more enthusiastic. She even said bring some fiddles along to sell if you like.

And so Saturday, June 16th you will find us not at the market but at the Fiddle Convention with not only our WoodArt pieces, and yes there are several new pieces that have been introduced, but also as many violins (various sizes, all used) that we can squeeze into the jeep. So if you have been searching for a violin, fiddle or some uniquely crafted wood pieces find us in Monterey, VA.

We will be back to our regular market schedule on Tuesday.

Until next time… fiddle away

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  1. That sounds wonderful and I hope that all goes well!